Bus Lettering

Bus advertising is an effective way to spread your brand image on a large scale. The oversized surface of a bus offers the perfect space to create an unparalleled visual impact. If your company owns several buses, a partial or full wrap will allow you to quickly increase brand awareness by multiplying the number of routes and covering more territory. You can even create a full advertising campaign if you wish to promote a new service, new destinations offered, etc.

The return on investment for a bus wrap is excellent, especially if you’re doing business with Lettrapub. Why? Because we use the best materials on the market and our work is under guarantee; because we promise and deliver stunning and long-lasting results; and because we are a 3M Select Platinum Graphic Provider—the highest level of certification in the industry. Take a few minutes to look at our work and contact us to see how we can help you maximize your brand image, from design to installation.

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