Lettrapub spécialiste en lettrage publicitaire

Lettrapub is excited to announce that we are joining the Turbo Images team. As of July 4th, 2020, Lettrapub has been acquired by Turbo Images, bringing together two of the best teams in the fleet graphics and large-format printing industry.

It’s a perfect match. Both companies have deep roots in the Beauce region, and both have a long legacy of delivering high-quality graphics products and services to customers across North America.

Turbo Images and Lettrapub have always been great. Together, we are even greater. By uniting, we can offer greater capacity and faster turnaround, along with the continued commitment to excellence that we are both known for.

You can continue to count on us for the innovation and excellence that we have delivered for the past 25 years. And now it’s Turbo-charged!

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